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Here Is A Basic Q & A To Help You Be More Informed About Mold …
Q. What Kind Of Mold Can Be Found In My Home, Office Or Yacht? Is It Toxic Mold?
A. Mold Can Not Be Identified By Sight And There Are Thousands Of Genus And Species Of Mold. Samples Must Be Taken To Determine The Type And Toxicity Of The Mold.
Q.How Did Mold Get In My House, Commercial Building Or Vessel?
A.Mold Is Everywhere And It Is Not Uncommon To Find Indoors. Mold Spores Are Commonly Trapped In Walls And Ceiling Cavities During Sheet Rock Installation. Mold Also Enters Through Doorways And Windows. Mold Spores Also Attach To People And Animals Bringing Mold Spores Indoors.
Q.Where Does Mold Grow?
A.Mold Will Grow In Places Where Water Intrusion Has Occurred. Many Building Materials Can Promote Mold Growth Once They Have Become Wet
Q.How Can I Tell If Mold Exists In My Indoor Environment?
A.Some Mold Problems Are Obvious, You Will See It. Other Mold Types Can Be Identified By “Red Flags” Such As A Musty Smell Or Visible Stains.
Q.How Can I Stop Mold From Growing?
A.Look For Visible Signs Of Water Damage Or Heavy Moisture Problems. Have These Sources Of Water Intrusions Corrected And This Will Lessen The Chances For Mold Growth. Mold Growth Can Occur As Soon As 24 Hour After Water Intrusion.
Q.How Do You Test For Mold?
A.There Are Two Typical Methods For Testing For Mold. One Is Air Sampling Where Air Samples Are Taken Inside The Home And Outside For Comparison To Detect The Problem. The Other Is A Swab Sample Of A Visible Mold Or Stain To Determine The Type Of Mold.
Q.How Do I Eliminate Mold From My Home?
A.After Our Complete Assessment And Sampling My Report Will Identify All Contaminated Areas And Provide You With Accurate Instructions On How To Eliminate All Your Mold Problems.