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Mold Testing

Do you need professional mold testing in your home or property? We can help. We provide mold testing and inspection services to residents and businesses located in the state of Florida. Our team of microbial specialists will visit your property to complete a full mold inspection and gather samples for testing. The air and mold samples are then tested and analyzed in our advanced laboratory.

Mold Testing

Do you need professional mold testing?
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Our Mold Testing Process

During our mold inspection process, we gather samples of the indoor air, as well as samples of any mold that is discovered. The samples are taken back to our laboratory for analysis and testing. The mold test results will determine if any mold is growing inside the property and if any mold spores are in the air. If mold is present, the testing process will identify what type of mold it is and if it poses any health or safety risks.

Once the mold testing process is completed, you will receive a detailed report including the test results and an assessment of the property’s indoor air quality. If there is any mold growth, our experts will explain your options and recommend the best way to remove the source, clean the area, and fix the issue.

Testing mold specimens in the Labortory

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Anything discovered during the inspection and testing process is kept strictly confidential. Your privacy is important to us. Any and all test results are only shared with you or your designated representative.

Our Services

We provide professional mold testing services to any residence, businesses, or property located in Florida. A few of our popular services include:

  • Mold testing in an AIHA accredited laboratory.
  • Detailed test results and report with expert recommendations.
  • Indoor air quality testing.
  • Residential mold inspection and testing.
  • Commercial mold inspection and testing.
  • Full visual inspections.
  • Mold thermal imaging inspections.
  • Mold sampling.
  • Mold remediation and removal.