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It’s important to take measures to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus. We can provide you with thorough disinfecting services to keep you safe.

Offering Coronavirus Disinfecting Services Near Lighthouse Point, FL

The coronavirus is an incredibly dangerous disease. The further it spreads, the more important it is to try and lessen its impact. One of the biggest concerns with the virus is how long it can live in the air and on surfaces—up to 14 days. To mitigate the health risk, it can be beneficial to get coronavirus disinfecting services from a professional. At Moldxperts, we can provide COVID disinfecting, cleaning, and surface testing services to clients throughout Lighthouse Point, FL, and the surrounding areas.

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Providing You with Thorough Work

The CDC recommends that any surfaces that are commonly used should be cleaned and disinfected. Our professionals can provide advanced coronavirus surface testing to determine if the virus is living on any surfaces. From there, we can clean and disinfect the surfaces using industrial-grade cleaners. All of the cleaning supplies and techniques we use are safe for any people or animals in the property to give you peace of mind. We are experienced professionals that will treat your building with respect; by partnering with us, you can ensure the job will be done effectively.

When you get coronavirus disinfecting services from us:

  • We’ll identify any potential red flag areas.
  • We’ll make sure any trace of the coronavirus will be killed or removed.
  • We’ll safely dispose of any infected materials.

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Protect yourself and others by getting coronavirus disinfecting services from professionals near Lighthouse Point, FL. Consider reaching out today to learn more.

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