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Mold is a serious health hazard. Find out if it’s in the air or on any surfaces in your building by getting professional mold testing from an expert. At Moldxperts, we’re prepared to help clients throughout Lighthouse Point, FL, with their mold testing needs.

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Learn More About Mold Testing

Residential and commercial mold testing is important for several reasons. The biggest one, of course, is for health and safety reasons. Hidden mold can cause a range of potential health issues—which can be exacerbated if someone in the building is allergic to mold. Finding and addressing mold can improve your indoor air quality and help preserve the health of any building occupants. In addition, getting mold testing services can potentially save you from paying extra money on mold remediation, since even if you have a mold problem, remediation isn’t always necessary.

There are three relatively common types of mold testing available:

  • Air Sample Testing: This involves collecting air samples from both inside and outside the building. From there, your mold testing company will test the samples and compare the mold levels.
  • Lift Tape Sample Testing: With this type of testing, a specialized piece of tape will be placed on any surfaces that need to be tested. The tape will be removed, placed on a sterilized glass slide, then sealed. This slide will be taken to a lab, where it’ll be looked at under a microscope.
  • Swab Sample Testing: With this test, your mold professionals will wipe surfaces with a soft swab, which will then be examined in a lab.

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Our professional mold testing process is incredibly thorough. We’ll provide you with a thorough visual inspection, use thermal imaging to detect potential issues, and take air and surface samples. Our samples will be tested in an AIHA accredited lab, and the results will be presented to you in a thorough report. In addition, the report will contain information on how best to address a potential mold issue.

In addition to testing residential and commercial buildings, we can also provide mold testing for yachts. Worry less about your yacht having a potential mold issue; if you’re near Lighthouse Point, FL, then reach out today.

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